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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...that's a murder!

Have you ever thought that your work seems to get a bit more strange whenever there is a full moon? I know we've both come off a particularly gruelling night shift and on the drive home noticed a full moon and thought “yep, that explains it”. This is actually a pretty common way of thinking and researchers have qualified it as the “Lunar Effect”. It suggests that a full moon can have behavioural and psychological effects on people, and this can manifest into higher crime rates. In fact, did you know that the word lunatic literally means “moon sick”?!

Research has attempted to apply scientific reasoning to this phenomenon. Perhaps it is because a full moon provides more light to execute criminal activities outdoors, or we are affected like the tides, having our emotions rise and fall with the lunar cycle. And it’s not just us! Police agencies in Brighton (UK), Ohio and Kentucky (USA), have all increased their police presence during a full moon because of their personal experiences.

But this Lunar Effect is not proven, and for every study supporting this phenomenon there is another one disputing it. So perhaps there isn’t a simple scientific explanation and we need a different point of view. For that we are pleased to introduce our dear friend, and resident Evolutionary Astrology expert, Sina who is going to share her perspective on why the lunar cycle may affect criminal activity:

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s a murder:

The Astrological Effects of the Moon and Crime

A full moon can be quite polarizing. The two most predominate associations with la Luna are that of romance or the spooky-ooky, with violence and esoteric shenanigans afoot. Yet, that Moony Muse is also a trickster, just ask your medical professional pals-they’ll tell you about the ER over flowing with injuries when the moon is full. Bar patrons being extra squirrelly or more inclined to throw elbows? Servers will knowingly proclaiming “well that makes sense” at the omission of what phase the moon is in. However, sometimes the severity of her impact produces irreversible consequences; murder. What exactly IS it about the full Moon that has such a pull on us little ole mortals that results in needing a forensic scientist?

The role of the Moon in astrology, simply, is feelings. Emotions, the inner workings, our private emotional life. Unbalanced, the changing nature of the moon is reflected in our delights and follies. Keep in mind, emotions are what? All together now; energy in motion. The moon changes (astrological) signs, the lens in which the moons energy is filtered, every two and a half days, and this energy is shone down among the collective. What do we DO with these feelings? Thinking your way out of a feeling usually isn’t that effective of a method to purge emotions. We’re challenged to feel emotion to its apex and then it can be released. This is easier said than done, but through practice and mindfulness, individuals can surf the lunar tides, bruh.

Within a lunar phases, some tides are easier to hang ten than others. In addition to changing signs, just like you and me, dear reader, the Moon it’s self is going through its own cycle. Each moon phase, for example, the New Moon, waxing (growing) or waning (diminishing) is associated with energetic attributes which we can be in harmony with, or bridle against. Your choice! And which moon phase is the most commanding, intoxicating, maddening, persuasive? The Full Moon, naturally. But, WHY?

The Full Moon can be distilled into three predominant factors which cause emotions to be charged/in charge; heightened, illumination and crescendo. A nice trinity of unease, wouldn’t you say? When heightened emotions are at play, cool-head, logical thought process is out to lunch. The emotional narrative which is being cultivate is growing in grandiosity. If an appropriate pressure valve isn’t found, aggression, jealousy, lust, whatever is the source of emotional disease will continue to propagate. A person can be out of their mind, as they’re in their emotions. Insanity, madness. A LUNAtic: a person afflicted, or “of the moon”. Psychosis is made even more uncomfortable through visibility, luminosity. Feelings that may been doormat have nowhere to hide as the moon is a literal spotlight punctuating all the gnarly, dark and twisty attributes of ourselves that have grown so very large, sometimes subconsciously, they no longer can be ignored. This isn’t to imply that you’ll have your subtitles on for the world to read and gasp at, rather, internally, the emotional theme is at the helm. And sometimes Cpt. Feelings can crash in a spectacular crescendo. Emotions mirror the swelling of the moon; they swell within an individual. A full moon is the apex, the peak of power, the mountain climbed. The ripening can reach a saturation point that is at a danger, high voltage level.

The magnitude that the Moon possess on her own is potent, yet, there are other factors that give her a License to Ill, or Kill. Astrology 101- class is in session! The building blocks of astrology are the planets, signs and houses. The planets, including the Sun and Moon, (yes, I realize they’re not planets, but they are powerful luminaries so let’s not make them sour by disrespecting them with semantics) who govern the functions of the mind and/or psyche. Certain planets energetic signatures are more pleasant, or digestible, like Jupiter, with their gifts of abundance and faith. Yet there are spicier planets whose energy is brash and bold like Mars, known for aggression and passion, he’s the god of war after all. Subsequently, The Zodiac sign are responsible for the process or strategies individuals implement to express the functions of the mind/psyche. Signs processing energy can look like diligence and organization as Virgo teaches us, or via Scorpio’s desire for transformation through sex or death. Lastly, the 12 Houses are areas of life in which functions of the mind (Planets) and strategies (Signs) are expressed. Some areas of life, for example, are

family, intimate partnership and career. Let me offer an example of how the parts can come together; the Moon in is Aries (assertive, brash), Saturn (limitations, restrictions) forms a relationship with the Moon (called an aspect) and influences the heightening, illumination and crescendo. Let’s add another element; suppose that the Moon and Saturn are travelling through the 2nd house, resources, like property and money. Put it together; a person is feeling the restraint from lack of money and will aggressively take matters in their own hands to no longer be impoverished. Does this sound like Prof Plum in the Conservatory with the lead pipe to anyone else? You’re primed to have you very own “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” moment (that’s from The Godfather after a killing spree has taken place, maybe during a full moon?) if something goes wrong. And, often, something goes when a person is acting on impulse as a result of an emotional attachment. The results, sadly, can be violence and murder.

This isn’t to imply that when certain configurations occur a person is fated to a fatality. Observing planets and signs from the binary standpoint of “good” or “bad” makes it all too easy to amplify or demonize an experience and make us feel powerless. The Moon can have a tendency to poke a wound to goad a person into reacting. What are areas of your life are painful? Get to know them, invite them to tea to understand their triggers and impulses. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour, you’ll become more self-aware and that knowledge is power. And maybe, just maybe you’ll help yourself avoid having your house blocked off with yellow crime scene tape.

Stina is an actor, writer and student of astrology for the better part of a decade (longer if you count watching the Craft on loop as a pre-teen). Stina practises Evolutionary Astrology, a discipline which focuses on transmuting energetic “poison” into “medicine” and offers Natal chart readings as a form of self-empowerment with a rudimentary understanding of astrology. She can be reached via email at and on Instagram @thelovelylair for astrology quips, musings and the occasional pun.

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