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We're on Redbubble!

Before we launched this site we began uploading our designs to the website Redbubble. This is a great way for us to see what designs are popular and which ones need a bit of work before we produce them ourselves.

The other great thing is that Redbubble can produce many, many, more different kinds of products that our designs can be used for (Evidence Marker clock, Crime Scene Tape apron anyone?!). We are a small operation and to see our work on so many different mediums in wildly exciting for us.

Browse out our shop for different designs and/or options for your forensic swag needs. Feel free to send us a message if you see something you really like and would hope to see in the WIX store. We know that shipping to Canada from Redbubble is not always cheap and we will try to give you the most cost effective way to get our products to you.

Check us out at:

Happy shopping!


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